Watch New Tool Album Making Of Mini Documentary


A few months ago, the popular Tool Archive YouTube channel was taken off YouTube, but the channel is now back, and they have edited a mini documentary showing making of videos from Tool’s new album released in the last few months. You can watch it below. Tool Archive posted about their channel being pulled a few months ago on the Tool Reddit:

“Hi guys. I’m sorry I’ve waited so long for a response and explanation. New channel link at the bottom.

I’ve been pretty damn severely depressed for a while before my channel’s suspension, which came right around the time that a major family tragedy happened, and me and my girlfriend recently broke up. I’m basically devastated at the moment, and my channel getting suspended just piled on to it.

My channel ToolArchive was recently and surprisingly terminated/deleted by YouTube, citing “dangerous content” as the reason. 1 single video of mine, Tool Live Rock On The Range 2018, was removed by YouTube for containing “dangerous content”. I have no idea why this even went through. It might have been a false flag on the video. There is not 1 second in that video that contains dangerous content, besides, it’s not even a video, just audio, which is why I think it’s some kind of mistake. What’s even more surprising is that this single event triggered my entire channel to be suspended at the exact same time (I received the email informing me that my channel has been suspended at the exact same time that another email informed me of the video deletion).

My channel had over 132,000 subs, tens of millions of views, was going for over 6 and a half years, was completely clean with zero strikes, zero guideline violations and no prior history of anything remotely like this. I didn’t even receive a warning or a strike, YouTube instantly suspended my channel at the exact same time that 1 video was (falsely) deleted for a completely bogus reason, dangerous content, and that itself is really strange.

I still don’t have an explanation. I’ve tried appealing multiple times, and all appeals were rejected. I’m not even sure they were received and read by a human at YouTube. YouTube’s appeal and support system is insufficient for cases like mine. It’s infuriating.

This has nothing to do with any copyright violations or issues with the band. I’ve literally never had any problems with Tool besides that one time I uploaded a VIP session from 2014 as the tour was still going on (I was later allowed to re-up) and another time that I foolishly uploaded Nergal’s Instagram vid of Tool playing an unheard section of Descending. I don’t even think he was allowed to film that in the first place.

Besides that, I’ve never had problems with the band. I’ve known that at least 2 members watch (some of) the videos I upload. If Tool had wanted my channel gone, they would have wiped it within a day years ago. I’ve heard from multiple people “behind the scenes” that I was pretty good at creating “hype” for Tool on YouTube in general.

I’m basically asking for help. I don’t know if there’s people out there that can somehow help me with getting my channel back or help me get in contact with someone from YouTube. If you think you can, please either reach out to me or point me in the direction of someone that could.

I don’t know what I can do to get my channel back. As a channel with over 132,000 subs and plenty of other verifications, I had the option to be in direct contact with YouTube support via email or chat. Now that my channel has been apparently suspended based on a mistake, I can’t log into my channel and I can’t get in contact with anyone. I’ve appealed, but the answer emails are all automatic and always say the same. I’m astonished that I can’t send a simple email to an employee working with the YouTube Partner Program.

I’m hoping that my channel will be reinstated, perhaps with your help. Seriously, help me.

I’ve created and worked on that channel for over 6 years, and at some point I felt it was my duty to put out ok to good material. (Some of you think I went away sometime in March 2016 and gave the channel to another person. That only lasted for a few weeks and then I came back again.)

I’ve saved some of the 350+ videos, but not all. In the meantime, I will reupload them for you on a new ToolArchive channel, which I will link below. This will be the my new channel if my original channel doesn’t come back, so please help me spread the word and tell people about it. I’ve also made a new Patreon.

Whatever videos I didn’t save, I will redo for you guys. I feel obliged to. And of course, I will try to work on new stuff as well.

Sorry for too much text. I’ve never felt this consistently beaten and depressed in my life, the channel situation is just one of the reasons.”