Axl Rose Mocked As ‘Hideous Woman’ On American Dad


On a recent episode of American Dad, the character of Steve Smith is forced to watch horrifying images. Some of them are people with STD’s, along with several ‘Not In This Lifetime’ modern day photos of Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC frontman Axl Rose.

Steve screams, “Stop, turn it off! Sweet Jesus have mercy!”


“Please stop! Stop it! Please stop showing me photos of that hideous woman!”

He then vomits. See a video clip of the Rose diss followed by photos of his reactions. This isn’t the first time a Seth MacFarlane created show has gone after a legendary rock singer, as Family Guy mocked Billy Corgan as a ‘baby man’ last year showing a viral photo of him looking unhappy at Disneyland in 2015.

Do you think American Dad went too hard after Rose, or did you find the joke funny? Watch the video, see the photos, and let us know in the comments section!