Axl Rose Rejected Massive Aerosmith Offer


Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven has revealed that Axl Rose rejected a Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith tour.

Niven told Louder Sound, “Guns consumed soooo much of my energy. I have no doubt Great White woulda had a bigger profile had this not been the case. I took Guns from the streets to selling out Wembley.

There was no gratitude whatsoever from Axl. Who, every now and then, I would have to work against. Iz, Slash and Duff would sometimes call and say “have you heard what he wants to do now Niv? Y’gotta nip it in the bud.”

One prime example is that Axl refused to do the Aerosmith tour. He told me to cancel. I had signed a contract with five individuals collectively known as GN’R. My responsibility was to the whole, to the entity, not the lead singer alone. I refused. He was pissed. Banned me from the tour for three weeks by which time everyone knew it was going great and the then highpoint of the band’s career.”

Rose later grew an affinity for his influences, volunteering to tour with AC/DC in place of Brian Johnson in 2016 after his painful hearing problems derailed the tour.