Axl Rose Reportedly Reveals Who He Wanted To Win Presidential Election


Pedrolg is reporting on MyGNRForum that Axl Rose told Guns N’ Roses fans that he wanted Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in the Presidential election.

“The fans who met Axl in Porto Alegre having breakfest asked him about the election, and he answered very clearly that he hoped Hillary would win. It made a lot of media outlets here.”

At Guns N’ Roses’ show in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday, Axl Rose improvised a line during “Civil War” about President elect Donald Trump. Rose sang: “Look at the fear that Trump is feeding.” Watch the video below.

Trump tweeted in 2012 that Rose should show up to Guns N’ Roses’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, “Axl Rose should take his #rockhall2012 honors and be happy. Stop the no induction nonsense. Do it for your fans.”

Below are recent photos of Rose with fans in South America.