Axl Rose Reveals If Guns N’ Roses Are Recording New Album


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose did a rare interview with the Iceland newspaper Frettabladid. Below is part of the interview. Keep in mind the quotes are translated so aren’t exact.

Iceland is the finale of their long-term music event, Not in This Lifetime, which began in March 2016. Behind it is an amazing number of concerts and the drive on the band has been hard to focus on asking Axl, who answers one of the few interviews that the band has provided on the tour, how they keep on keeping their mythical fool on stage after a concert.

“We just want everyone to do our best for the fans, each other and our crew. Each one continues to encourage their solitude and achievement.”

Have you experienced some particularly memorable highlights during this long tour?

“What concerts and every audience are unique. There is always something different and the memorable moments are as different as they are many. ”

It’s safe to say that both your fans and the industry have made your return to the Not in This Lifetime Tournament immensely successful. Has this enabled you to come up with new content in the near future?

“Accurate now, we only concentrate on the tour and the next concert but the atmosphere is good and it’s been a good thing that it’s never known.”

Icelanders are a bit self-reliant and partly because of the feeling of the attitude of their world-famous visitors to the country and the nation so I have to ask you to respect me to ask you a few questions about Iceland.

Do you have something special that you want to do while you are in Iceland and are there any likelihood of stalling and relaxing here after the concerts that are the last of this long tour?

“It would be very nice, but the best thing to say, I have not thought so far.”

Have you heard of any Icelandic musicians who have drawn your special attention?

“I think Björk is one of the best known and I’m her great fan.”