Greta Van Fleet Second Album Leak Finally Revealed


Greta Van Fleet reportedly have unreleased new post-Anthem for the Peaceful Army material, a new tweet with a fan post from December claims. A former Greta Van Fleet manager recently revealed how record labels screw over bands like Greta.

Lauren wrote in December, “After tonight, I’m confident that this band knows exactly what they mean to me. I was chosen to listen to an unreleased song when I was in the line today on Bose x Greta Van Fleet headphones. The song was beautiful. You guys will absolutely love it.

When the song was over, their team told me that the headphones were mine to keep and that I was the first minute-long video telling the boys what I thought of the new song and just telling them how grateful I was for them. I also might have mentioned that tonight would be my 4th show this year, and 2/3 of shows I had already been to, Jake had reached down and given me his pick…Jake, being the angel that he is, saw me and said ‘I got you’ and threw his pick at me. I am SO grateful for this band and this was genuinely the best night of my life.”

Greta Van Fleet recently revealed that they are being paid by Bose to promote their products in a new tweet. They said that they will donate all income from the deal to Earth Day Network, which should dissuade any sell out accusations from their haters.

“Pleased to share that we’ve partnered with Bose.

We are doing this for the first time for three reasons:

1.We use their speakers and headphones daily because of their exceptional sound quality.

2.They will be giving us a selection of free items that we will share with various members of the Peaceful Army.

3.We will be donating all income from the partnership to Earth Day Network.”