Axl Rose Reveals Who ‘Totally’ Controls His Life


Axl Rose revealed in a new Brazilian interview that his life is ‘totally’ controlled by his Brazilian management team, Team Brazil. Beta Labeis, 58, serves as Axl’s secretary and ‘nanny.’

“This Brazilian family controls my life.”

“[They] make me do things.”

See the newspaper clipping below that previews tonight’s television interview in Brazil on Globo, via the MyGNR forums.


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall discussed a recent conversation he had with Guns N’ Roses & AC/DC frontman Axl Rose on the Loudwire Podcast.

“Most of them had to eat their words,” DuVall said of those who doubted Axl’s ability to perform with AC/DC. “I was happy to see that a lot of the people were willing to say in public, ‘I was wrong.’ [Axl] and I were joking about it. I was like, ‘It was really cool to see you shut all these people up.’ I know a tiny bit about that.”

DuVall continued, “From my own personal experience, it’s very much a similar thing. You can say what you want, man, but I’m coming at you, period. There’s going to be no stopping me.”

William DuVall talked meeting Axl Rose at a party in Chicago to wrap up Alice In Chains’ initial run of shows opening for Guns N’ Roses on the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour in a recent interview with KISW 99.9.

“It’s cool, for the first bunch of shows we did with them on the stadium run, everyone was asking me in every town I’d talk to the radio station: ‘Have you met Axl?’ I was like, ‘No I haven’t actually, I’d like to.’ Then finally last show in Chicago, he had a little gathering, had some people over, I went, he was totally chill, it was great.”

“He definitely has a certain vibe, and certain magic about him.”

“He talks like a regular [guy].”