Axl Rose Unloads On Police Officer: ‘You F*ckin’ Pussy’


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has retweeted a video of a 12-year old rapper named Corey Jackson being arrested for selling his CD’s at a mall.

Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted, “12 yo entrepreneur selling his rap CD at the mall was detained by a cop who said, ‘You’re 12? You’re about 2 go to jail. You’re going to go to a youth detention center.'”

Rose posted in response, “Come do that to me u fuckin’ pussy. I’ll b waitin’.”

In the video a police officer is heard telling Corey, “You’re 12?” and then “You’re about to go to jail.” The tape was obtained by NBC affiliate WXIA.

NBC News reported, “A 12-year-old rapper was grabbed by police at a Georgia shopping mall for allegedly selling CDs in a controversial arrest that was captured in viral video and has sparked an internal law enforcement probe.

Corey Jackson — the young performer known as ‘Corey J’ — was with his family at the Cumberland Mall in Cumberland, Georgia, on Oct. 6 when a Cobb County police officer grabbed his arm.

The confrontation was taped by Corey’s aunt, according to police and family friend Toya Brown, a recording studio manager in Atlanta where Jackson’s recorded before.”