Axl Rose Yells At Guns N’ Roses Employees In Video


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has once again caught the attention of the fans. This time around, he lashed out at production staff live on air during the band’s Melbourne show on Saturday night.

Axl Rose wanted the spotlight to be turned off

The American rock band played a three-hour 30-song set at the MCG, the first stadium show the city has seen since the pandemic.  According to the Herald Sun, during the show Rose, 60, stopped mid-song to You Could Be Mine to call out a spotlight operator.

”I don’t know what your deal is, but I have told you repeatedly to turn that f***ing spotlight off. I’m trying to entertain the people,” he yelled.

It comes after Gun N’ Roses’ show in Adelaide on Tuesday ended in controversy after a concertgoer was badly injured. Rose reportedly hit a woman in the face with his microphone after throwing it into the crowd at the end of the band’s last song. Identified as Rebeca Howe, the woman told Adelaide Advertiser that she was struck at the climax of “Paradise City,” the final song of the band’s 29-song set:

It has been noted that a similar incident allegedly occurred amid the band’s 2013 live show in Perth, Australia, causing damage to the man’s front teeth with a mic tossed into the audience.