Dave Grohl’s Mom Reveals How He Embarrassingly Failed


Dave Grohl’s mother Virginia detailed how he filaed to win any battle of the bands as a kid in a new SMH interview.

Dave Grohl, or “David” as his mother always referred to him, was always determined, Ms Hanlon Grohl said.

She divorced her husband when Dave was seven. He learnt guitar from 12, taught himself drums and left school to tour Europe with punk band Scream before joining Nirvana in 1990. He formed Foo Fighters the year after Nirvana singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April 1994.

Subsequently he has toured with Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures and, as a member of Nirvana, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

However, Ms Hanlon Grohl said even her superstar son struggled at first.

“David could never win. He had a school band back where we lived and in the battle of the bands every year. He could never win that,” she said.

“The guys who won, well, they won’t let him forget it. But they’re not going to get any backstage passes to his shows so it worked out all right.”

Foo Fighters have announced the following:

“That’s the last time I ever make out with Bono” – DG
9/4 Edmonton & 9/6 Calgary. New dates – Edmonton 10/22 Calgary 10/23
Tix honoured for new dates. If refund is required, refunds available @ point of purchase until 9/25.

With news of Bono’s voice giving out at U2’s show on Saturday in Berlin forcing him to cancel the show early after “Beautiful Day,” Foo Fighters fans noted that Dave Grohl lost his voice at the Foos’ show on Saturday at Safeco Field in Seattle due to a cold, but managed to finish the show.

One fan tweeted in response to Bono ending U2’s show early, “Dave Grohl was losing his voice last night because of a cold so the whole stadium helped him sing the last hour or so of their set. Just sayin…”

Another fan tweeted, “Foo Fighters put on an awesome show last night. Thank you Dave Grohl for performing with a cold even as your voice was giving out.”

Watch video of “Best of You” and “Everlong” below.

Before “Everlong” Grohl said, “When it comes to getting a cold and losing your voice, it’s nothing compared to fucking breaking your leg and finishing a show. So I’m never going to cancel a fucking show because of this. If I can do it because of that, I’m not doing it because of this. So you want to sing one more with us?”