Axl Rose’s Ex-Wife Is Pissed At His Ex-Girlfriend


Harry Brant, the son of Axl Rose’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour, recently posted a message on his Instagram where he paraphrased Rose. “You got hit by a truck …. And the license plate said Seymour . Happy Birthday to the woman that’s inspired me since 96 . I love you mom . There’s no other Stephanie #avedon”

Rose once reportedly described the impact Seymour had on him to his assistant Colleen Combs, “I’ve been hit by a Mack truck and the license plate said ‘Seymour.'”

Rose’s ex-wife Erin Everly responded to Brant’s Instagram post (via MyGNRForum), “This was brought to my attention I could say a lot about this but I’ll just say it’s unnecessary and cruel. One day will tell my truth.” She reportedly wrote in another comment, “#likemotherlikeson.”


Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson discussed his love for Axl Rose in a recent interview with Rock On Philly.

ROP: I know you’ve been asked about working with Guns n’ Roses quite a bit, but what was it like working with the band, particularly Axl being the notorious front man many think he is?

TS: That’s one of the biggest misconceptions about him. He is a very hard working dude that has a very particular way he wants to do things. I’ll be honest with you, if he’s doing anything other than he wants to be doing and you’re in the room, you don’t want to be in there, but when he’s doing what he wants to do, he’s great and he’s doing a great job. I’ve seen Guns n’ Roses twice now with the whole band and he is kicking ass and I’m very happy for him. I’m really happy for all my friends who are in that band.