SepticFlesh Guitarist Talks New Album and Video



From the depth’s of Greece comes the extreme metal giants Septic Flesh. Combining death metal with elements of industrial and goth and later classical. I was recently able to interview Christos on the new album Codex Omega and it’s premier music video.


How is the writing process for your upcoming album going?

– Well, our new album “Codex Omega” will be released in just a few days, on September 1st. The main writing process of the compositions occurred during 2016.  Then we entered studio from December 2016 to January 2017 for the final recordings. As a matter of fact we used 3 different studios for convenience reasons,  Zero Gravity studios in Greece for the main recordings , Smecky studios in Czech Republic for the recordings of the Filmharmonic orchestra of Prague and Fascination Street studios in Sweden for the recordings of the drums and the mix. This time we collaborated for the production with Jens Bogren. And he did an amazing job.

How would you compare it to previous ones?

-It is our most mature work to date, carrying the distinct personality of Septicflesh but also moving forwards. There is an absolute balance between our orchestral and metal elements. In order to enrich our sound, we experimented with the use of a 12 string electro-acoustic guitar and also we utilized of some ancient ethnic instruments like oud and duduk. So there is something from oriental mysticism in the mood of songs as “Martyr” and “Portrait of a headless man”.  

What made you choose the title Codex Omega for the album?

– Codex Omega is a title given to the 3rd and last Testament. The letter omega being the last in the Greek alphabet, indicates finality. End of words… Actually all books, including the religious books, are the products of a human mind. Therefore all demons and gods are man’s creations and so “carry” parts of him. This simple fact is the great revelation and so by definition the apocalypse. I think it is about time for mankind to wake up and take responsibility for its actions. Nobody is going to save us from ourselves. And if we are going to be destroyed, that’s it, there is not a divine entity that will magically clean up our mess. The situation all around the world is going from bad to worse.

What made you decide to choose the track and video Enemy of Truth to promote the album?

– It is a very indicative Septicflesh song based on sharp metal riffing, dark epic orchestration and sweet-sad melodies.  

What are your thoughts on the state of metal today? Any favorite modern bands?

-Metal is alive and kicking. There are quite a few old and new bands that are releasing great albums. For example I really enjoyed the latest albums of Mastodon, Decapitated, Oceano, and many more. And a lot of exciting album releases are on the way.