Bandmate Reveals Why ‘Piece of Shit’ Marilyn Manson Will ‘Die Alone’


Ex-Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) posted the following comments on Facebook a few days ago:

That piece of s*** is going to die alone, with the only people around him being the ones after his money, if there’s any left after all his drug use.

Every person who’s ever met him, has come to hate him eventually.

You know how many greedy assholes there are in the entertainment industry, who will look for any break they can get.

Trent has never confirmed that story, it seems only Brian believes it to be true.

Well apparently, he cancelled the entire tour.

As I said someplace else, tours are insured, and this lets him not have to do the hard work. Additionally, he gets sympathy and drugs. Oh, and a lot of attention.

Well his cruel little chickens have come back home to roost.

He also responded to Alternative Nation’s story last week quoting him discussing Manson’s penis and urethra.

I do this for s**** and giggles, and to sell the occasional piece of useless swag.

A growing boy needs his beer money.

I guess I’m getting my second 15 Minutes of Fame after the band now?

You know how much money you’d have to pay me to play those f****** songs again?

You can just ask Manson’s lawyer if you want the exact figure.

He wanted to be called Marilyn, particularly after we were signed.

Yes… I said [Holy Wood] really didn’t break any new ground.

I mean I think the album is good, but it’s not as good as the previous two, and clearly not as adventurous musically.

The great irony is when they talk about how I’m trying to stay relevant, while talking about how many more “friends” Manson has on Facebook? Oh the kids today.

They basically have two main threads: he’s trying to stay relevant or he’s bitter, they could at least be a little bit more creative.

I’m glad I could help to get a little press for the Balless Wonder.

Farting into the mic might actually sound better, as he uses that orifice more wisely.

Dear Brian,
I am glad I could help promote you on your recent record release.
Your Pal,

That’s right, I indent, when I write a proper letter, like a real gentleman, not like a Savage on the internet.

Well [Twiggy] already left on his own volition once, and found that was not to his advantage, so I doubt that’s going to happen. Additionally, that helps Manson keep some credibility that at least one of his old friends doesn’t hate the f*** out of him.

I guess payback is a b****? Because Twiggy was a complete a****** to John and myself.

I can burn all the bridges I want, how the f*** are you going to fire me from McDonald’s?

As long as you get your f****** McNuggets on time, I’m cool.