Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album Songs Leak?


Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to release their new album ‘Unlimited Love’. Some of the fans question if the new video song clips from the new album Unlimited Love are real. The album is set for release on April 1st.

Fans question about the new album

One of the fans on Reddit, Forward_Cheetah_9160 noted that: “At first I thought this was legit, but then I clicked on the guys Vimeo and saw some other “leaks” from the same song, just different parts and I think its definitlty fake. in the other videos he posted, the guitar doesn’t sound like frusciante, the drums don’t sound like chad smith’s style and the bass is also weird and doesn’t sound like something flea would play in a song . it sounds like some garage band trying to trick us. AK’s vocals are probably from some random jam on the internet.”

While another user bee_highguy, also raised questions about the legitimacy of the leaked clips: “This aint soundin to great to me. I’m guessing fake as it is just so low quality. Sounds like a jam more than anything”

Another fan MPH_91 says: “It sounds cool but it’s still weird that the quality is so insanely low, it could be something self-produced and there is no real way to properly hear it with this kind of audio.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans are thrilled to know that the band will soon be releasing their new Unlimited Love album. The tracklisting has also surfaced, which can be seen below:
1.Black Summer
2. Here Ever After
3.Aquatic Mouth Dance
4.Not the One
5.Poster Child
6.The Great Apes
7.It’s Only Natural
8.She’s a Lover
9.These Are the Ways
10.Whatchu Thinkin’

11.Bastards of Light

12.White Braids & Pillow Chair

13.One Way Traffic

15.Let ‘Em Cry
16.The Heavy Wing