Bandmate Reveals Why Marilyn Manson Will Survive ‘Unlike Chris, Chester & Kurt’


Marilyn Manson’s former keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) claimed his ex-bandmate will survive following his accident last Saturday night in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom. A stage prop collapsed on Manson, leading to the singer being rushed to the hospital and nine shows on the Heaven Upside Down tour being postponed. Gacy claimed Manson will survive because he wants to ‘enjoy the pity,’ unlike Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and Kurt Cobain. Gacy trashed Cornell and Bennington following their suicides over the summer. Read his comments below from Facebook:

Unlike Chester or Chris or Kurt, he wants to be around to enjoy the pity.

I just really pity any man who has never done his own laundry.

I’m actually being serious here, for once in my life. It is so sad when an adult human being has never done the requisite things required to be an adult. I know that is somewhat redundant.

You know like cook your food, make your bed, do your laundry, clean the house, Etc.

And the sad part is that people will somehow defend this Behavior as being artistic instead of being simply childish.

It’s not like you’re painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and you don’t have time for regular human s***.

His mom [wiped his ass] until he was like 5 years old.

I’m pretty sure he brought that up in his book?

He never said he was Catholic, he said he was Episcopalian which is a Protestant version of Catholic Lite.