Steven Tyler Girlfriend Makes ‘Very Sick’ Announcement


Steven Tyler‘s ex -girlfriend Bebe Buell recently posted a tribute article about the deceased frontman of The Cars, Ric Ocasek, in which the article writes about the day that he died and how it affected her when she found out. Steven Tyler daughter’s reveals huge ‘gut’ photo.

She states: “The first attempt to write about Ric was on Sept. 15th, the day he died. I wanted to write down my feelings in hopes it would help me release the shock and pain I was digesting. Let me set the stage… I was in scenic 30a Florida when we got the news. It was the eve of my husband Jim’s birthday, which we try to spend at Rosemary Beach, a seven-hour drive south from our Nashville home. It’s our slice of heaven. We were taking our traditional walk on our favorite beach that morning of Sept. 15th and noticed a young seagull nestled in the sand. As we approached, we realized the juvenile gull was struggling to breathe.

He or she, I believe it was a male, was leaning its head back so I offered some of my water from the stash I had with me. The poor thing tried to drink it and it was then we realized this beautiful creature was not going to make it. I think it had either swallowed a cigarette butt or something unnatural that lodged in its throat. We watched it die and cried our eyes out! It was so sad. The bird stared into my eyes as he took his last breath. I wanted him to feel comforted and not alone. I had some paper towels in my bag so I carefully wrapped its body and Jim and I attempted to find a place to lay him to rest. We found some bushes away from the beach, dug a hole and buried his still warm body surrounded by his makeshift shroud.” This Steven Tyler new ‘drug treatment’ was just revealed.

She continued: “As we walked back to the house where we were staying for the week, I had a feeling there was something symbolic about this experience. It affected me in a way that is hard to describe. My feelings were confirmed when we heard that Ric had died earlier that day in NYC. The reports said that his body was discovered by his wife, Paulina Porizkova. Although they were separated, she was helping to care for him after a recent surgery, along with their two grown sons, Jonathan and Oliver. He was very sick but healing well and died in his sleep.” Steven Tyler revealed a couple of days ago if Aerosmith are ‘retiring’ from touring.

You can read the rest of the piece HERE.