Betty Moon’s “Save My Soul” Is A Bombastic Instant Pop Classic


The characteristics which comprise a great song are simple: strong melodies, gigantic hooks, killer lyrics and solid instrumentation. You don’t necessarily need each of these to drive it home, but if you catch lightning in a bottle and can have your song hit for the cycle, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be a smash. In the curious case of Betty Moon and her single, “Save My Soul”, you better believe this is just that! A bombastic pop song that checks all the right boxes while giving you an idea into the genius that is this Toronto based singer-songwriter.

“Save My Soul” slays with its techno-y rhythms. You can see this song blaring on your favorite Top 40 radio station and your favorite dark, sleek dance club simultaneously. The slight old school Madonna feel is a welcome breath of fresh air in the age on generic, recycled pop hits. But “Save My Soul” doesn’t sound dated or uninspired. Much the opposite in fact. But like Madonna used the medium of music videos to further cement her impact and legacy.

As an unapologetic lover of cereal, the first scene of the music video for “Save My Soul” is absolutely fantastic. The wild, changing color schemes roaring throughout the video demand your attention. The wicked personal lyrics hit harder when in conjunction with the video. “Someone please put my demons back under my bed” really lands. In a song loaded with great lyrics, that one takes the cake.

Betty Moon is a punk rocker disguised as an alternative rock/pop star. Oozing with attitude and the musical chops to back it up, Betty Moon is the rare artist you not only enjoy listening to- but you root for. Because without pure artists, what the hell is the point, right? Betty Moon is the real deal. Fans of Madonna and Lady Gaga will definitely dig this song, but if you’re desperate for something fresh, unique and powerful, check out this wonderful artist and her killer track, “Save My Soul.”