Eddie Vedder Privates Touched By Surprising Name In Sad Photo

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

Legendary photographer Johan Bergmark revealed that he touched Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s privates for too long in a new Stockholm Direkt article. You can view the photo in a video below.

I remember once when I was at the front with a pocket camera on Pearl Jam in the Modern Museum’s garden in 1992. Eddie Vedder staged in the third song and I got my hand between his legs so that the camera strap got stuck in his fly. I was dragged through the audience because I couldn’t release the camera, and had my hand on his c*ck a little too long. In the end, the strap came loose, he turned around, and I took the picture that is in the book.

If you ask me, the biggest thing I have plagued is the American singer-songwriter Vic Chessnutt, he is dead now, because it was big for me and we got close together. But if you ask the Swan Line then it’s Kiss and Lou Reed. Lou, what a pig he was! Unpleasant as a fan, he didn’t want to be photographed at all and thought it was enough for 15 seconds. Nevertheless, I have only experienced four real assholes throughout my career. Gösta Ekman wasn’t that fun either, he. What are the others? I can’t say that! They live.

As a photographer you have to respect and observe. You should not put the stars on a pedestal, but you should not be a paja either. My pictures have darkness and humor, it is a sketchy balance because it must not be ridiculous, no Lasse Åberg. My most elusive picture is that of Peter Bjorn and John as they keep a child up and down, people have said that they should report me to the police. It just came to break a sad studio scene. When the band used it in the United States, there were old aunts in Florida and protested outside the club. I thought it was great fun. They didn’t like that. “

Johan Bergmark & bilden på Eddie Vedder. from Olsson&Per / UpOnWalls on Vimeo.