Billy Corgan Calls Out Smashing Pumpkins Show ‘Mistake’


Billy Corgan discussed a big mistake he made at a 1991 Smashing Pumpkins show in a new social media post.

“I remember this shirt from SP’s first gig at CBGB’s (Feb 12, 1991) – the first and last time it was worn live.

I passed a vintage store in NYC, saw this shirt, and thought it would be great to wear for the show. Unfortunately, the first time I wore the shirt was during our performance, which turned out to be a mistake.

Had I worn it during sound check, I would have realized that the material of the shirt would result in my guitar strap slipping off my shoulder for the entire show!”

Corgan also posted a “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)” costume photo.

“From the WPC/SP archives – @williampcorgan’s costume from the “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)” music video. 🐰

‘A friend accused me, when wearing this costume in the video, of making ‘bad Miley Cyrus videos’. I said ‘there’s no such thing!’ – @williampcorgan

What’s your favorite outfit from an SP/WPC music video? More of the archives at Brand: Onesie (sans ears) by Alexander Del Rossa.”