Chris Cornell ‘Disrespected’ By Seattle Rock Icon


Queensryche singer Geoff Tate said Chris Cornell and Soundgarden were ‘sloppy’ performers in a new Let There Be Talk interview.

Did you go to see any of that early grunge when it was hitting – Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone?

“No, we were so busy touring at that time. I saw Soundgarden because they opened for us on the tour, so yeah, that was my intro into grunge music.

“You know, Soundgarden, they were sloppy as hell. They were so sloppy back then compared to what we were doing, which was just meticulously tight. They had a whole different thing, it was really loosey-goosey, but it was cool.

“It was kind of like Zeppelin meets Aerosmith from the ’70s, that kind of loosey, speed-up-slow-down tempo kind of thing. But they had a vibe, and Chris [Cornell] could sing like crazy. He was cool, what he did.

“Ben [Shepherd, bass], he lived near me, we went to the same coffee shop and his sister worked at the coffee shop.

“So we had many conversations about music and life, in general, sitting there at the coffee shop. Nice guy too, very nice guy.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.