Billy Corgan Confirms Big Name Has Quit To Fans


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has confirmed that his National Wrestling Alliance Vice President Dave Lagana has left the company following sexual assault allegations.

The NWA announced on Facebook, “Pursuant to allegations made by professional wrestler Liz Savage on her Twitter account, June 18, 2020, NWA Vice President David Lagana has resigned his position, effective immediately. As well all production of NWA content is temporarily halted, pending a restructuring of executive management positions.”

A fan named Scott commented, “I’m saddened by all of this, and clearly while no one except Dave Lagana and the accuser know what happened, I appreciate that he stepped down rather than let the NWA get dragged down with him. This is a sad time for all involved, but hopefully with this behind us the NWA can find a new partner and put this all behind them.”

Another fan named Ricardo said, “Nowadays it feels like it’s GUILTY until proven innocent when it’s suppose to be the other way around when it comes to these allegations. If these allegations are true then his going to get what he deserves but that’s for the law to decide once all the evidence is clear.”

Matty added, “Praying Billy and the NWA can get through these tough times, I really enjoy watching, a lot of guys have jobs there, hope it works out for everyone.”