Pearl Jam New Video With Dave Abbruzzese Revealed


Pearl Jam fans were pleased by PearlJamOnline sharing a new never before uploaded live performance from February 18, 1992 in Milan, from the first European tour with Dave Abbruzzese on drums. The video special aired on VideoMusic in 1992, featuring an interview with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard. A “Release” performance is included, along with soundcheck videos of “Once” and “Black.”

The 25th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s last show at the famous Red Rocks venue in Colorado was yesterday, and fans on the Ten Club board were wondering why they haven’t been back.

Zod posted, “Most likely, it’s because it doesn’t have a very large capacity. I think it’s something like 10,000 people.

PJ has migrated to fewer dates and larger venues of the years. Shows of the capacity are pretty rare these days.

edit: Someone’s going to point out that they could do 10 shows there to satiate the demand, but the counterargument, is if they have 30 shows in them in a year…. they’re going to be able to play in front of more fans if those 10 dates were allocated to larger venues in different places (plus make more money).”

Densan responded, “That was one hell of a summer. Those two nights are very underrated in my opinion. Ed stopping show due to the fight, and they picked up without missing a beat. That is one place there is no fighting. At a Pearl Jam concert!”