Billy Corgan Defends Maynard James Keenan After Bad Tool News


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan is infamous for having a policy that kicks out fans from shows for his bands if they use their cell phones, but he has a defender in Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

We recently reported that a fan posted on the Tool Reddit, “Holy f**k the security tonight. Probably saw 50 people get thrown out for cell phones. Chick in front of us got harassed and she wasn’t even on her phone.”

Another fan wrote, “Yeah, security was TIGHT last night, which was nice. Made recording Stinkfist that much more enjoyable when we were all allowed to do it. I was in ZA and they weren’t playing around even at 7, an hour before All Souls came on.”

Corgan commented on the Tool phone controversy in a new fan Q&A. Tool and The Smashing Pumpkins will soon play at some European festivals together.

Tool kicks people out of shows for phone usage, you are the opposite. Thoughts on that??

“I think every artist has a right to determine their environment.”

Did Europe have a warmer reception to the Pumpkins than America at first?

“Europe embraced the band first, yes. But Europe was also the first to reject the band too, in recent times. Happy to say the vibe has improved after London and Bologna shows in 2018.”

Any Mellon Collie B sides planned for Dublin? Set The Ray to Jerry please!

“Oh yeah, we are playing them all, and we will make sure the girl who is dressed up like the MCIS cover takes a pic with you for Snapchat.”

Corgan recently wrote on Instagram, “Happy Mother’s Day: This shot of my mother, Martha, taken at Riverview Amusement Park circa 1949 says it all. For I see the life she has yet to live, and the life she would one day give to my brother and I. And of course I see her face in the beauty of my children and in my nieces and nephew.

Which binds Chloe and I, and my sister-in-law Daniella to Rick. And there are the ancestors, like Philomena, who my daughter is named after; my great-great grandmother, whose son married Martha, my great-grandmother; and who both my Mother was named after; and so my niece after her, too. We bless those today who made this sacrifice to bring us into the world.”