Billy Corgan Gets Food Poisoning, Screws Up Smashing Pumpkins Song


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan opened up about getting food poisoning and also screwing up part of “Porcelina of the Vast Oceans” at a recent Pumpkins gig. Corgan is said to have powered through despite the food poisoning, and his voice sounded great. Corgan discussed the issues in a new Instagram fan Q&A.

Was there a technical mistake with your amp/guitar at the start of Porcelina?

“I messed up. No excuse. Just miscounted, got lost and flustered.”

I hope WPC is feeling better…food poisoning is painful.

“It was rough! Crowd helped me through last night. And great crowd tonight as well.”

What did you eat in Oakland that gave you food poisoning?

“I believe it was an avocado. Prepare for the clickbait.”

I hero worship you bc you are WHOLE human being and I want to be that brave.

“True heroes run into burning buildings, protect the defenseless. Or stay up all night with terminal patients holding their hand to give comfort. Music is important but it is an indulgence. And that’s a good thing.”

Is is the media resentment caused by your comments about MSM being untrustable?

“No. My battles with the media go back to the earliest days of the band when I called bullshit on their fakery. And over 30 years I’ve just been proven right. Trust for media at all time low for a reason.”