Billy Corgan Getting Married To Young Girlfriend


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is set to get married to his partner, Chloe Mendel, who celebrated her 30th birthday. She took to her Instagram account and dropped a video clip of the celebration that featured Corgan. She further revealed that Corgan popped the important question  to which she answered affirmatively.

Her caption read:

‘Tis true, I turned 30 yesterday. Thank you all for the kind messages. I spent the day unplugged with my whole family (5 brothers, sister, parents, cousins, neice, nephew, kids and close friends..) which was so special. If you know me, family is and has always been the most important thing to me. And getting all 7 siblings in one house hasn’t happened in over a decade. Was a day full of emotions. We lost a pet, ate great food, Augustus lost a tooth, and we enjoyed great company. The day finished with a wedding proposal. Of course I said yes. ❤️

Corgan and Mendel recently hosted a benefit concert couple of months back for the victims of a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. Seven people died and dozens of others were injured in the incident, which occurred at a Fourth of July parade this year.

“We were so shocked by what had happened and, of course, the damage to our community, not only the carnage that happened but the psychological effects — the mental health effects,” Corgan told “CBS Mornings.” “Twelve hundred people a day have been going to the local high school seeking mental health care so we felt that void and wanted to step in that void.”

Corgan, who has lived in Highland Park for 20 years, and Mendel, who has lived there for 10, own a cafe situated only one block away from where the fatal incident occurred. The establishment was closed down for a week by the FBI following the mass shooting, Corgan said, adding that he hopes Wednesday’s charity concert helps to “reclaim the space” since the cafe has reopened.