Serena Williams Spotted At Pearl Jam Concert


Eddie Vedder thanked Serena Williams and Venus Williams at Pearl Jam’s show at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Cbbjr posted about the show on the Ten Club board, “This was my 18th show, first time at MSG, and first time seeing them since 2018. Seats were near the very top behind the stage on Mike’s side.

Best version of Release I have heard, and then straight into a kick ass version of Garden. Other highlights were Present Tense, getting Porch early in the set, Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns, Sonic Reducer, and feeling the entire building shake during RITFW. Nice shoutout to John Feal on 9/11. In seeing the set list, it is too bad they crossed out River Cross and the three alternates – Sad, Corduroy, and Faithful – would have been great additions, but I’m not complaining.

Given my seat location, it was interesting to watch Josh. I wondered what he did the entire show, but that guy stays busy – it was interesting to watch him work given the range of skills he brings to the band. And for anyone who complains about the shorter set lists this year, the guys are giving it their all.”

On2Legs responded, “I’ve managed to make every MSG concert over the years and this one was as good as any of them. I left pretty blown away with their energy and how good the music sounded. The setlist was fantastic and the Gigaton songs were amazing. They sounded like really great setlist staples and vintage Pearl jam as opposed to when I saw them played at SHN.

We were one section over and a few rows behind Venus and Serena Williams. It was cool to see Venus singing along… she’s clearly a fan of the music as she knew the words.

Loved getting Porch early in the set. Sonic Reducer would have been my number one cover request and it was brilliant.

Overall it was an amazing show. We brought our 16 year old and 18 year old and they had such a great time. It wasn’t their first show but I think seeing the energy at MSG made them get what Dad loves about Pearl Jam.

On to Camden and Nashville!”