Billy Corgan Jokes About Smashing Pumpkins Dysfunction


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan wrote on Instagram yesterday:

@smashingpumpkins: Lighting hearts on fire since 1988! Or: @smashingpumpkins: troubling tourists since 1988! @smashingpumpkins: meme-worthy since before the word ‘meme’ was invented!’ Or: @smashingpumpkins: they put the diss back into function! Or: feigning ignorance for hipster hijinx, malevolence, and their need for repetitive self-assurance since before the internet created a pathway for absolution through communal mendacity! Or…

(I know, I know, too much time on my hands. But what am I to do? Hotel room blues. Tra La f’n La…

He also wrote:

Good morning, little sunshine! Seeing these great pics of SP’s vast family reminds me we are putting together new shirts for kids, as we have a motivated merchandise partner for the first time in years. So lots of new shirts coming (vintage, vintage themed, and SAOSB). So keep the pics coming, as I truly do love sharing them. In other news, it’s back to singing today, with 3 to go. I spent most of yesterday working on extra guitar parts, overdubs, solos. Still no decision yet on how or when to release the music…
@smashingpumpkins #smashingpumpkins #sp2018 @jamesihaofficial @chamberdrums @jjjschroeder #shinyohsobright

Fans in The Smashing Pumpkins Facebook group have noted that ticket sales for certain shows have really been picking up.

One fan wrote, “Interesting, I was on the Houston Toyota Arena website and noticed that LORDE still has Floor seats available for her concert and that’s this month. Yet Pumpkins have sold out all Floor seats already. I’m not dissing LORDE, I love her music but using this to show how media can twist stuff and bash who they want?”

Another fan posted a couple of days ago, “Yeah, about those ticket sales in the ‘weak’ markets. Salt Lake City on Sunday vs today. The tickets are selling without any problems, and the articles stating otherwise are clearly all click-bait.”