Slipknot Member Emotional Cancer Photo Revealed


This photo of Slipknot member Mick Thomson hugging a cancer survivor will melt your heart! The absolutely wholesome photo was taken during the band’s time in Mexico in 2017 and can be seen originally in the Day of the Gusano concert film. The film was shown in movie theaters on September 6th 2017, while the album was released on October 20th 2017. You can view this touching piece of content below. Slipknot singer Corey Taylor ‘freaked out’ at a big name recently.

Fans of Slipknot discussed the first song by the band they ever heard in a new topic within the group’s subreddit.

A Slipknot Member’s younger girlfriend was newly revealed. Ammymo103 wrote: “Duality. This was roughly 2011, I think. I was in middle school and one of the people I knew had a cover photo on their Facebook of the Iowa special edition cover. I was pretty new to a lot of rock and metal at the time, but based on that picture alone, I surmised that they were just the most psychotic crazy heavy band ever.

I didn’t look up any of their songs because I didn’t really know where to start. My musical knowledge was Nirvana and 90s Metallica. Then I heard Duality on the radio and thought that it was pretty good but wasn’t as heavy as I was expecting.

I then told my sister about them and she said “Oh yeah I like a couple of songs from them” and she proceeded to play Snuff, because she isn’t a metal person at all. Snuff was exactly up my alley but wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

Then I dived into the rest of the discography.

TL;DR: Duality.”

Renton444 discussed: “Surfacing. It was on an Ozzfest sampler with (I think) Eyeless. Saw them at Ozzfest 99 on the second stage super early in the day (I think), Mansfield, MA. I can’t remember much about their show other than the jumpsuits/masks made an impression and the pit was insane. I listened to that sampler’s two songs nonstop. The first record didn’t come out for like two weeks after the Ozzfest date (sampler had the release date noted in the track list). I bought it the day it came out (apparently I was in love) and they have been one of my favorite bands ever since. I love this band so much.”

Evaura replied: “First heard Duality in 2009. I remember very clearly, it was great. I was around 9 years old and ready to discover new music, I remember that I felt like the music i listened to just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I was a big Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus fan at the time and didn’t know what to expect from other artists because of how focused i was on them only, but i did a google search, something a dumbass 9 year old would type, i think it was stupid shit like “dark music singers” since i didnt know what rock and metal were, nor what a band was, and found a metal band called Orphan Hate. Bam, instantly love metal. Then from there I heard Evanescence, then Korn after, and then finally Slipknot. Took a while for them to grow on me, but they’ve been my all time favorite band since.” This Slipknot member confirmed the real reason for his departure a couple of days ago.

Mick hugging a fan who survived cancer (from Day of The Gusano Documentary) from r/Slipknot