Billy Corgan May Have Seen A Lizard Person: ‘I Saw A Transformation I Can’t Explain’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan appeared on The Howard Stern Show yesterday, and the two discussed conspiracy theories and Corgan’s many appearances on The Alex Jones Show. Alternative Nation transcribed some of Corgan and Stern’s comments.

Howard said, “Because Alex Jones told me there’s a race of lizard people, that’s when he lost me.”

Corgan responded, “Not to add to the conspiracy, but I’ve had paranormal experiences in my life that sort of lend itself into that category.”

Howard pushed Billy to talk about the experience.

“I’m turning red I’m so embarrassed.”

“Let’s just say I was with somebody once, and I saw a transformation I can’t explain.”

Howard asked, “The person transformed into something other than human?”

Corgan responded, “Yes, I saw it.”

“I was totally sober.”

“Imagine you’re doing something, and suddenly you turn around, and there’s somebody else standing there. It’s hard to explain without going into detail, I’d rather not do it.

Corgan said they acknowledged what had happened.

Howard asked, “What did they say they were, from another planet?”

Corgan responded, “They wouldn’t explain.”

“It’s a really messed up story.”

“I’m being vague on purpose.”

“It’s up there with one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

  • ClobberDobson

    Courtney Love, no doubt.

    Billy says he was sober, but he was notorious for doing LOTS of acid in the early days. Would be interested in knowing when this occured.

    But yeah. . Courtney Love.

  • Fear Monkey

    These reptilians are fallen Seraphim, all these reptilian types are Seraphim or their Hybrids, and they exist. They can appear as human or Reptilian. If you do some research on reptilian gods like Quetzalcoatl, the reptilian deceiver from american indian legends, etc, they match.