Billy Corgan Reacts To Backlash From Nirvana Fans


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has praised Kurt Cobain in recent Instagram story Q&A’s, and already said that he’d be open to covering Nirvana. He answered the same question again, discussing how his positive comments seem to get ignored. Below are Corgan’s comments, followed by other recent fan Q&A highlights.

Would you ever do a Nirvana cover?

“I’ve said before I’m not opposed. But no matter how many Nirvana questions I answer in the positive (IE they were great and Kurt was the best) it’s like I never said anything at all #negativecreep.”

Thank you for being real and not conforming to what the world expects, and speaking on the issues so many are fearful of.

“I’ve always been this way. Over time, it is the best way. But not always easy. As many want to stay in a dream that tells them what they want to hear.”

Just want to apologize for being such a shitty fan from 2001-2017. I love you.

“It’s a quickly growing club, and that’s a good thing. Apology accepted.”

Watch the ‘final show’ with David Fricke in late 2000. Was he the one critic who understood that era?

“One of the few, yes. Criminal how many were wrong, and are still wrong.”