Alice In Chains Reveal If Chris Cornell Can Be Replaced


Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney revealed why it’s difficult to replace legends like Chris Cornell, Tom Petty, David Bowie, and Prince in a new KNKX interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“There’s always live music, it’s not the same thing, there are other things to do, you can watch it online, you can do all these things. People aren’t going out as much. I have a hand in the Crocodile, trying to keep that thing going. Those kind of sized places are where 99.9% of the musical acts on the planet survive. That’s where music is really happening, that’s where you saw somebody before they were huge, that’s where you saw somebody coming up, that’s where you saw somebody that is popular. That’s where the music really lives, there’s not a lot of people that can fill the enormodome.

Some of the greatest are going away. We lost Tom Petty, Prince, Bowie, Chris. Once they’re gone, who is replacing them? If there is no system, Prince didn’t start kick ass, Prince became kick ass because there was a system, and people that believed in him to grow as an artist. If he only could do his first album, ‘Eh, I’m sick of him, onto the next thing.’ That’s my personal fear, ‘Wow, what’s the future hold?’

There’s so many talented people, there’s so many great things going on. It never stops, music and art and all of that stuff, it’s out there. It’s in garages, basements, it’s everywhere, you have to support these things for them to exist, and to grow to become that next level.”