Billy Corgan Reacts To Greta Van Fleet, Does He Hate Them?


In a recent Instagram story Q&A, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was asked what he thought about Greta Van Fleet, and he appeared to give them his seal of approval.

Corgan said, “Great, and sky’s the limit for where they can go.”

Smashing Pumpkins and Greta Van Fleet recently played together for the first time at KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles.

Corgan’s Instagram story Q&A’s have been popular with fans for the last year or so, and he discussed doing them in a recent USA Today interview.

USA Today asked, “You interact a lot with your fans on Instagram. What do you like most about having that line of communication with them?”

Corgan answered, “As somebody who’s had my avatar stolen by the media and turned into something that I’m not, I quite like reinforcing my brand in line with who I am as a person. Probably the greatest compliment that I get from fans is, ‘We like that you do this because it’s your own voice. If you’re being a brat, we know it’s you being a brat.’ They don’t wonder if it’s a media contrivance.”

Corgan is known to troll people who he thinks are trolling him on Instagram, though he is supportive of fans he sees as positive.