Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Writes Emotional Note To Fans About ‘Being Alone’


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has gone through a few painful break ups in the last few years, first filing for divorce from her now ex-husband Eeries frontman Isaiah Silva a couple of years ago, and last year splitting from boyfriend Matt Cook, who fronts The Ceremonies. Frances Bean Cobain has now written a new emotional note to her fans as she puts 2018 in her rearview-mirror, and looks forward to 2019, about how it’s important to learn how to be alone.

“In 2019 I wanna fall in love, but mainly with myself.

This year I’ve realized how important it is to be comfortable in being alone. It requires a specific kind of bravery to face yourself by yourself. I think the capacity to acknowledge what you need as a means of evolving into your truest, healthiest form is a sign of significant maturity. Let’s get reacquainted, Frances Bean.”

Frances Bean Cobain teased many new song ideas on her Instagram page in 2018, and there is major speculation that she could release her debut album in 2019 after fans clamoring for years to see if Cobain could have the same musical talent as her iconic parents, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, who fronted Nirvana and Hole respectively.