Billy Corgan Responds To Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Rumors


Billy Corgan was interviewed on ESPN Nashville by Josh Mathews on Saturday, and he responded to Smashing Pumpkins reunion rumors. Corgan did not confirm reunion rumors, but also did not outright deny that the band would reunite.

“I’m trying to start a new band, um, as yet unnamed. Um Pumpkins, we’re making some interesting plans. It’s kind of interesting, I did a Facebook post the other day and I literally said what I just said to you: now we’re making some big plans, and suddenly the next thing you know it’s reunion rumors everywhere. I didn’t say anything about any reunion. So, um, I don’t know where that’s coming from. Um, and I just recorded a solo album, on the west coast; sort of acoustic based. Um, and I’m not sure when that’s coming out, and then obviously just pursuing this crazy dream of being involved in a wrestling company.”

Consequence of Sound recently reported that Billy Corgan is shopping a Smashing Pumpkins original lineup reunion to concert promoters. Billy Corgan posted a new Facebook video a couple of weeks ago that seemed to hint at a Smashing Pumpkins original lineup reunion. Corgan revealed that he has some huge plans, including that he just finished a solo album.

“I just sort of finished a new solo album, which I’ll give more details on in the near future, but it’s actually recorded, and sort of mostly done. So I don’t know when that will be coming out, but I recorded the album over 2 weeks in California. All new songs, so that’s pretty exciting.”

He also revealed that he will be starting a band with Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder, with every other non-original Pumpkin touring member who has played in a band in the last year also being involved.

“Also Jeff and I are going to be starting a new band. I think I know what the name of the band is going to be, but I don’t want to say for sure yet. That was my James [Iha] impression (does James impression): ‘I don’t want to say for sure yet.'”

“So we’re going to be starting a new band, and we’re going to start working on music next week for the new band. Jack Bates, a friend, is also going to be involved. So right now the band is going to be me, Jack, Jeff, and probably our other friends will be involved as well: Katie Cole, Sierra Swan, Linda Strawberry, and some other friends hopefully will take part. Much different than Pumpkins music.”

Corgan then gave a cryptic update on huge Smashing Pumpkins news.

“Speaking on Pumpkins, there’s some big stuff happening. We’re making plans. I can’t give that away but (scratches chin), it’s going to be interesting.”