Zack de la Rocha Considering Rage Against The Machine Surprise?


Tim Commerford discussed Prophets of Rage’s upcoming tour during a Reddit AMA yesterday, and he said that Rage Against The Machine fans should attend shows because ‘you might miss something’ if you don’t.

“I know that Chuck and B and myself have been spending some time reaching out to Zack [de la Rocha] and letting him know what’s going on and it feels really good to not feel like he’s not in the loop on everything that we do. I know that when I spoke to him he was very positive about how cool he knew it was gonna be, the Prophets of Rage…and how exciting it was going to be.

If I were a fan of Rage Against The Machine, I would definitely show up to the shows because you might miss something.”

He also said, “Brad and I definitely have spent many years playing together just bass and drums. For every Rage and Audioslave tour and I’m sure ultimately with the Prophets, we start to get together just drums and bass and hammer out all the songs – even all the songs we might not ever play like Born As Ghosts. Brad and I are prepared to play any song we might potentially play.

Drummers and Bass Players are a team. If you’re not a team, you’re not a rhythm section.

Tom and I also do practice, the two of us. Especially, oddly enough for the Prophets of Rage, we did a lot of bass and guitar rehearsals with Chuck. Tom and I have a very telepathic music relationship and I find myself looking at his left hand when we’re playing all the time and that’s kind of the conductor for me. Except he’s always ahead – I try to stay behind the beat.”