Billy Corgan Reveals Heartbreaking Reason He Gained Weight


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has addressed what led to him gaining weight in the early 2010’s, and how he has lost a lot of it in recent years in a touching series of new Instagram story posts.

Corgan recently wrote about an acoustic guitar on Instagram as well, “It don’t look like much but 60+ ideas demoed, 20 songs tracked with drums, band on point and motivated, and a great summer tour looming the guitar is still my weapon of choice; only surpassed by the weapon of prayer. Thank you for keeping the faith, and I wish everyone a beautiful holiday weekend.

Hope to see you soon, whether it’s with the Pumpkins at the festivals, my solo shows in Europe, or back stateside with Noel and AFI. Remember, we are all blessed by one another. So celebrate, and be loved…”

Corgan also recently wrote on Instagram, “AJC and I. Every day isn’t easy, but every day is worth it. In one 5 min span we went from him pouring water onto the floor (prompting a moment, as I’d asked him to stop), to him pointing out we have ants invading the kitchen (we live in the pseudo country). He asked, ‘are the ants marching?’

I affirmed this as I scooped them up (our policy, generally, is to displace interlopers gently to another location, for as I told him, ‘we must respect all life.’ I find myself in a slightly more introspective mood than usual as I’ve just watched my friend’s video (@mariakanellis) about her husband’s battle with pain pill addiction (an intro is posted on her IG page if you are interested); as well as I’ve also seen this week where my partner Chloe encouraged discussion on her IG page this week about moms struggling with post-partum depression. Point of saying all this being is I too want to be a positive part of a wider ranging societal discussion on how we can better help one another as human kind.

My greatest recent interest being (in the public sphere) the issue of bullying, and how damaging it can be to children and, by extension, how the art of bullying is often acceptable behavior if someone can justify why their person of interest deserves it. We all have regrets in that department, but now we are seeing the very real data of increased teen self-harm and suicide, and for my own generation, generation X, the loss of so many great artists due to suicide or drugs or both and of course a host of other factors we cannot unspool so simply. But let me put it to you this way: every life is worthy of restoration and rescue. And when we consider how many people can find hope in the aspirations of another’s journey, it is often the most fragile among us who have the most to contribute.

If the flight of this beautiful butterfly sounds like you, to you, keep fighting for the great things in life. They are absolutely worth it.”