Paul McCartney Embarrassing Screwup Called Out By Bandmate


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney discussed blowing a guitar solo in front of John Lennon in a GQ interview.

McCartney mentions that when the Beatles first started out, John gave him a guitar solo and he totally blew it, after which he decided he’d never play lead again, and adds that he has only really started again in the past ten years. (This may be true as far as playing live. For evidence that McCartney has long had an impressive ability to do so when he must, see the original one-man studio version of “Maybe I’m Amazed.”)

McCartney and his band start every rehearsal doing some kind of impromptu jam, and they will also start shows like the Abbey Road performance in the same way, not with a big entrance and opening but simply by playing their way into the room for a while—a little window into the path not taken before Paul McCartney shows who he has actually decided to be.

“We could be that kind of band, and it would be sort of interesting,” he explains to me, “but we’re not. We’re this kind of band, and we give people songs they know. But, yeah, there’s another life for us where we just retire to the Nevada desert and get a cabin and just jam.”

Paul McCartney recently announced on his official website:


PASSENGER ANNOUNCEMENT: The expanded version of Paul’s #1 charting Egypt Station album arrives today! Egypt Station – Explorer’s Edition is comprised of the original record, plus a second album, Egypt Station II. The bonus disc collects all songs released during the Egypt Station journey; from studio tracks including the surprise single ‘Get Enough’ to live performances captured at stops such as Abbey Road Studios, The Cavern and Grand Central Station. The release coincides with Paul bringing his #FreshenUpTour to North America, kicking off in New Orleans 23rd May.


1) Opening Station
2) I Don’t Know
3) Come On To Me
4) Happy With You
5) Who Cares
6) Fuh You
7) Confidante
8) People Want Peace
9) Hand In Hand
10) Dominoes
11) Back In Brazil
12) Do It Now
13) Caesar Rock
14) Depite Repeated Warnings
15) Station II
16) Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link

1) Get Started
2) Nothing For Free
3) Frank Sinatra’s Party
4) Sixty Second Street
5) Who Cares [Full Length]
6) Get Enough
7) Come On To Me [Live At Abbey Road Studios]
8) Fuh You [Live At The Cavern]
9) Confidante [Live At LIPA]
10) Who Cares [Live At Grand Central Station]