Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Reveals His ‘Road Map Out Of Hell’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has offered his first public comments since D’arcy Wretzky’s new interview with Alternative Nation. It’s unclear if he’s just generally talking about his career, or if this may be somewhat of a response to the interview.

“It occurs to me that my music has been (and still is) a road map out of Hell, and not back to it, and I’m graced by the support of so many wonderful people in this moment. Which if you’ve read ‘A Course in Miracles’ means this moment is Our collective moment, and how we choose to live it has much to do with the kind of dream we are having. (And I’d say looking here at my beautiful son, and also backwards, forwards and into this present day, I’ve had a wonderful dream).”

Corgan made a spiritual post yesterday, “Who is at the gates but Christ, Our Lord? And who knocks at our hearts but Our Lord, with Love?”

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  • DanSwon

    Corgan in so full of shit. This just confirms what D’Arcy was saying about his manipulative nonsense-speak. Narcissistic drivel.

    • L. Sammondson

      it’s so true – he natters on and on like he’s a “genius” but actually just pretentious and self centered.

  • Leslie

    Maybe I’m lacking in intelligence, but am I the only one honestly confused by his posts?

  • Corndog

    I didn’t know that he was a bible thumper.

  • Gary Reilly

    I like listening to SP’s music, but beyond that, Corgan’s musings come across as pretentious egotistical drivel most of the time.