Billy Corgan Reveals What He Really Thinks About John Frusciante


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed Red Hot Chili Peppers members Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante in a new Instagram Q&A.

Thoughts on John Frusciante?

“Brilliant musician.”

What was your first impression of Anthony Kiedis?

“Beautiful man, saw him play in ’86 to a 100 people in St. Pete, Florida.”

How does it feel to be a genius, past, present, and future?

“Overused word. Lennon was a genius. Dylan is a genius. Not up to their status, so no genius here.”

Would you work with Robert Smith, Martin Gore, or Matt Johnson?

“Worked with 2 out of 3. Big fan of MJ. Saw him 2x back in the day.”

Wanna go for a ride?


You said famous in the industry was worthless – what about writing the soundtrack to people’s lives?

“There are 7+ billion people on the planet. I’m not reaching most of them. So it doesn’t say much for me as ‘soundtrack maker.’”

Billy Corgan recently shared a photo of himself on a plane wearing a mask, “Stuck on the plane. Keep the messages coming. I appreciate every one I receive. We like to have our fun, and jest, but at the end of these days I’m sitting on this plane because people (like you) from all over the world have supported my musical endeavors. It is truly appreciated.”