Nirvana Bandmate Unloads On ‘Dehumanization’ Of Kurt Cobain


During a recent Reddit AMA, former Nirvana touring cellist Lori Goldston had a discussion with a fan who spoke insensitively about Kurt Cobain’s death.

Vitalogy1 posted:

“Hi Lori, did playing with Nirvana change your life in any unexpected ways?

Also, do you have a particular favourite show you played with them?

Actually fuck it, it’s an AMA – how shocked/surprised were you when Kurt died?”

Lori posted:

“Have you experienced the death of a friend or someone you worked with? How did it make you feel? Where you shocked and/or surprised?”

Vitalogy1 posted:

“Yes I have and it sucks ass.

Apologies for the insensitivity, I just wondered whether there was a sense of inevitability to it given his apparent public addiction?”

Lori posted:

“It’s awful to see your friends, alive or dead, treated in a dehumanizing way.”

NOISBURE posted:

“Hello Lori, I have 3 questions for you:

What is your favorite Nirvana song during the time you were on tour with the band?

The band sent you the sheet music of the cello or were you the one who made the scores listening to the songs?

Do you have plans to publish more music and come to South America?

I know you were in Mexico and your album ‘Creekside solo cello’ is beautiful, I hope that someday you will come to Lima Peru and be able to meet you, thank you for making such beautiful and inspiring music :)”

Lori posted:

“Some parts were hummed to me and some I made up. There was no sheet music. That line in Dumb is a really fun to play. I’d love to come to Peru. I’ve got an album coming out on a Mexican label, Substrata, and there was some talk of Central and South American shows.”