Billy Corgan Reveals What Shannon Hoon Did With Smashing Pumpkins


In a recent Instagram Q&A, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was asked about late Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon, who died in October 1995 from an accidental drug overdose.

Ever met Shannon Hoon?

Yes. SH was lovely and used to travel with us some nights on our bus.

I work at MTV and I ran across some of your 95 or 96 VMA arrival footage this week in the archives. Lookin’ good!

We’ve been wondering if MTV was ever gonna open up the archives. Must be incredible stuff in their of our peers.

Do you feel we need another ‘punk rock’ type movement at this time to reinvigorate rock?

Will never happen. Any movement with a selfie isn’t a anti-movement.

What do you say to the fans who only listen to the 90’s albums and say everything past 1999 is mediocre.

They are wrong, and they know it. Buying a media driven story doesn’t make it true. And it’s an old story, too. One more rooted in the bitterness of the past than the celebration of our (shared, which includes you) present.

Has some of the earlier troubles in the band stemmed from too much interest in you?

It def caused friction. I empathized with band mates but also told them I couldn’t control what interviewers were after.

Why would you always do interviews and press alone? (Perhaps still) without band?

Because interviewers would focus almost 95pct of questions on me and band would feel disrespected.