Jason Newsted Sad Health Video Scares Metallica Fans


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted was recently filmed rehearsing for a performance in Florida, and he appears seated in the video, confirming the disturbing health revelation he made earlier this week.

Fans are also worried about James Hetfield, who recently entered rehab. christian_harben78 posted on Reddit, “Anyone else pissed off with these reporters trying to nudge band members for info about James? Just leave the man in peace, that goes for Metallica fans who are doing the same and trying to pry out info about his situation. Leave the man ALONE so he can get better in peace. It’s a matter between the band and James’s family, NOT every random Joe or Jane who wants to find out everything.”

Howard Stern revealed why James Hetfield really entered rehab a couple of weeks ago. jpob wrote, “Eh, its part of the job unfortunately. I don’t think its too bad unless they’re physically going up to James and his family. Theres also a lot of uncertainty and unknowns involved which the media and fans really want to know.”

owenelliot said, “Agreed, that’s a big negative to being famous, but I’d rather have them push lars for an update then James so I don’t actually think the press are invading much privacy.”

inertSpark chimed in, “It’s the way it goes I’m afraid, especially in this era of social media and instant news. People do feel as though it’s their right to know about everything they feel affects them, including their favourite bands and celebrities. Not saying it’s right because it isn’t, but as long as there is a market for it, the media will always try to follow it.” Jason Newsted released an emotional video to Metallica fans recently.