Billy Corgan Is Selling Original Smashing Pumpkins Drummer For Shocking Price


Reverb sent out the following e-mail regarding Billy Corgan selling his Smashing Pumpkins instruments, including the band’s original drummer:

Hi everyone.

Thanks for submitting your offers on the first round of this silent auction. We’re going to open it up to another round.

Here are the current highest offers, most of which have two or more equal offers:

#2 Stratocaster
Highest offer (3) $35,000

Machina Les Paul Special
Highest offer (2) $10,500

Alesis SR-16 (Mellon Collie Drum Machine)
Highest offer: $9,000

Alesis HR-16 (original SP drummer)
Highest offer: $2,000

Marshall JMP-1s (Siamese Dream Preamps)
Highest offer (2): $7,250

ADA MP-1s (Gish Preamps)
Highest offer (2): $3,000

If you’d like to adjust your offer or make a new offer, please visit this link (same as before).

Again, all other inventory will be available for sale at fixed price with offers enabled on August 16. We will not be taking offer requests on any piece that isn’t in this batch of six.

Best regards,

Reverb Artist Collections