Gene Simmons Calls Out ‘Stupid’ KISS Impersonator


Gene Simmons has reacted to a young KISS fan attempt to imitate his blowing fire stage move, and accidentally burning himself in a new tweet, which you can view below to also click on the tweet video he is referring to. A fan named Steve tweeted Simmons a video, writing, “There’s a right way and a wrong way to to a @genesimmons impersonation. This is the WRONG way.” Simmons responded, “So stupid…” Jason Newsted recently revealed what KISS did to Metallica.

Simmons told The Evening Standard the reason why Ace Frehley and Peter Criss aren’t on the KISS farewell tour.

“They were as important as any one of us in the early days of the band and they’ve both been invited to come on stage at some point in the tour. But we couldn’t do the whole thing with them. They’re completely undependable.”

Gene Simmons was devastated by a cancer announcement yesterday, and he also discussed a more divisive topic, politics. He told Good Morning Britain about President Trump, “Quite honestly, I didn’t think of the presidency, but it takes a certain personality, certain DNA to go anywhere and do anything. If you really think about it, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s from Austria, the fact that he became — with a difficult-sounding name — the biggest bodybuilder, the biggest star on earth in movies, although he couldn’t pronounce English words well, and then the governor of California, the fifth largest economy on planet Earth — ahead of the U.K. Could have been president, except that he wasn’t born in America. Politics has forever changed. Whether you like it or not, this president has changed it,” Simmons continued.

He said about Trump’s brash style, “I understand this thing. It’s a New York streetfighter. If you say, ‘What are you looking at? You’re looking at me?’ Politics are over. Now this guy is just saying, ‘I don’t care what my guys are saying. Did you just say something bad about me? I’m coming after you.'”

He told Financial Times recently about high ticket prices, “Unless you’re willing to live in your mother’s basement and have a job and do music as a hobby, which is wonderful, being in a touring band is big business. You’ll see a show out there that is as good, or better, than anything else. If you’ve got one guy with an acoustic guitar, you can charge less. We’ve got 60 people on the crew and 20 trucks and who knows how many buses, and a jet.”