Billy Corgan Threatens To Call FBI: ‘They’ll Be Sued Into Poverty’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently discussed considering calling the FBI over someone who stole and leaked Pumpkins music. Below are excerpts from recent Corgan Instagram story Q&A’s.

There’s confusion online about Strength in Numbers. Is it Machina era or not?

Maybe there wouldn’t be confusion if the version you speak of wasn’t procured illegally.

I know it wasn’t supposed to be released cause it was stolen, but Strength in Numbers?

Let’s just say we know who stole all that music from us and all I have to do is call the FBI it won’t be such a funny joke anymore.

Will we see higher quality versions of Machina Acoustic demos?

You mean as opposed to the ones that were stolen from me and bootlegged?

Will you ever go after the people who leaked your songs? I’m excited to hear as intended!

Let’s just say that if I decide to go after the leaker, their life will be ruined and they will be sued into poverty. Last convo I had with law enforcement was with a special division of the FBI. I believe the original source is known to many and someone should come forth to save them being ruined and in turn keep themselves from being prosecuted and/or sued. Meaning I will go easier on original leaker if someone turns them in and saves me a lot of hassle.