Billy Corgan Unloads On Fan Criticizing His Guitar Solos: ‘F**k Off’


Billy Corgan reacted to a Smashing Pumpkins fan claiming there weren’t any guitar solos on the band’s recent albums in a new Instagram story Q&A. Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1/LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun. did feature some solos, including one by James Iha on “Knights of Malta”. Below are highlights from recent WPC Instagram Q&A’s.

Will you ever consider bringing back the guitar solo? Rock needs it!

“I solo on Vol 1 and haven’t seen one single comment about it. There are more comments about CBD oil and why Mayonaise is misspelled.”

To be fair, you have not ripped a solo on Vol. 1, MTAE, Oceania, not like on Gish or SD, Dueling guitars.

“Fuck off. Are you comparing me to me? The worst kind of critic.”

In your opinion, to what degree is ego (over humility) necessary to achieve immortal rockstar status?

“Ego is needed for survival and perseverance and distinction. Useless beyond that. If ego wrote good songs you wouldn’t be talking to me.”

The 50 no’s [On Billy’s solo album pre-order idea poll] are the only people left on Netphoria. Good riddance to bad energy.

“Amen. Lonely trolls on a lonely road. Boy, were they right about me, though. I just never got it together.”