Billy Corgan On Why Nirvana’s Explosion Was A ‘Weird Dream’


Rolling Stone have premiered a new clip from The Smart Studios Story, which documents the unlikely ascension of that Madison, Wisconsin, studio into an alternative rock hub.

“[Vig] just looked like somebody who’d woken up in a weird dream,” Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan says in the clip. “He couldn’t believe he was the producer of the Number One record in the world.”

“And we were congratulating him, and you could just see him wrestling with ‘What does this mean?'” Corgan continues. “Because very much part of Butch’s story was that rock & roll had sort of passed them by. They start this little studio, and they’re just gonna make their little indie records and sort of ride off into the sunset and have their beers. Next thing you know …

“Once Butch was successful, people started to say, ‘Is there something to be found here?'” he says. “And he had a lot to do with what set up to be a very successful run at the studio.”