Van Halen Icon Bizarre Text Messages Revealed By Metallica


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich discussed his text messages with former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar in a recent Mercury News interview.

Q: Have you gotten any texts from Sammy Hagar, giving you grief for going unplugged for your fundraiser after he’s been using the format for years with his Acoustic-4-A-Cure benefits in San Francisco?

A: Sammy and I text often. It’s usually about food and wine and shenanigans. There have been no “grief” texts from Sammy Hagar.

Q: This current tour kicked off in 2017, and I see you have dates announced through the summer of 2019. That’s a lot of roadwork. Are you tired of touring yet?

A: We have the luxury, and we are very fortunate, to be able to set a touring schedule that works really well for us. We kind of set boundaries. We have a two-week rule, so that after two weeks we come home and see our families and kids and get a sense of San Francisco. So, for about a decade, we’ve had a really good setup in terms of how we balance all of it.

It takes longer to play the same amount of dates. But the good news is that our chances for not losing our minds — or for playing all the shows, physically, mentally — are much higher, because we have a pace that we feel is at the right level for us. So, it’s good. We still have to go to Australia. We still have to go to Japan. We have a couple of other things planned after Europe.