Blink-182 Will ‘Always’ Have A Place For Tom DeLonge


Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was recently interviewed by Rock Zone Mag. The interview was done in Spanish, but Alternative Nation was able to translate a quote (which should be taken as a paraphrase) about Travis’ friendship with former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge.

“Yes, I’m still friends with Tom, we talk once every week or two. We do not talk about things like the band or music, but simply family, our lives, or we spend some time telling jokes. We are friends, no grudge or anything like that because he is not in Blink-182 anymore. The opportunity for him to return will always be there.”

He also mentioned that he had not listened to Tom’s demos album from last year, which fans have speculated features songs that DeLonge intended to use for Blink-182’s next album.

Blink-182 are considering releasing a new EP by the end of the year, including some of the songs that were not included on California. They also want to ride their new creative wave and record another album soon, and have a European tour planned for summer 2017. Barker is also working on a new solo album that he plans to release and tour soon as soon as possible.