Blink-182 Canceling Reunion Tour Shows?


The band that sung their way through the late 1990’s announced they are doing a reunion tour – which is apparently being canceled. This is of course sad news for Blink-182 fans who were expecting to see their teenage band belt out some nostalgia before it is too late. For more on this sad topic let’s dig deeper and find out what led to this change of events.

As per Redit, the rumor mill is running wild, not Hulkamania wild, with views and opinions and conjecture regarding the cancelation of the reunion tour. Some say it is due to the fact Blink’s drummer Travis Barker injured his finger – which is a legitimate reason why he wouldn’t be able to perform. None of these rumors can be corroborated as of the time of this writing, but all that could change in the coming days.

It is strange considering Blink’s overwhelming popularity that the band would cancel their first leg of their reunion tour which is almost certainly a sell out at every venue.

Here are some comments made by Reddit users regarding the entire situation:

“Soo Ticket master no longer has it (and Chile and Colombia and Paraguay) on the list of shows. And Mark Hoppus deleted his “I am coming to Brazil” tweet a while ago.

“Maybe Travis’ finger isn’t up for live drumming just yet”

“Tom left already?”

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